Anahata Music Project

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About us

We chose to borrow the term "Anahata," which refers to the heart chakra in the language of Sanskrit, as a means of identifying ourselves and our work.  The heart chakra is said to be the body's resonating center for love, compassion and charity toward all living beings.  

In keeping with the "heart" imagery, our company seeks to address four areas, or "chambers," in which we believe musicians need and want support.  These areas are:  Health & Wellness, Artistic Skills Development, Resources & Networking, and Performance Exposure.

The most well-established of these chambers is that of Performance Exposure.  In spring of 2010, ANAHATA Music Project (AMP) began public performances of a Holocaust Remembrance concert with founding member musicians, Ed Bak, Dr. Kimberlee Goodman and Susan Millard Schwarz, as well as poet Sandra Feen as dramatic reader.  The program reflects the common sentiments deeply felt by all four of the performers, as the program highlights works from artists who perished in, or were otherwise affected by, the atrocities of World War II.  

In April 2013, AMP was established as a limited liability company, under the management and ownership of Susan Schwarz.  The company now is embarking on the development of the other three chambers, which will include, but not be limited to, workshops, seminars, master classes and online member-based resources.

We are very enthusiastic about creating opportunities for area musicians to be rejuvenated and encouraged to do more of what they love more effectively, and thereby "release the art from the heart."  Exciting days are ahead - if you will endeavor to support us, we will do all we can to support you!