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New, online website:  MUSICIANS DIRECTORY

** FOUNDING MEMBERSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!  CLICK HERE FOR INFO. ** [10/2018 update: Founding Memberships no longer available.]


Brief description:

The MUSICIANS DIRECTORY will consist of individual pages, or "mini websites" for each member musician.  The DIRECTORY website will be open to the public, with password access and editing capabilities for members.  These pages will allow musicians to add:

  • Contact info
  • Biographical and artistic info
  • Teaching studio details
  • Personal photo
  • Links to sound files and other websites
  • Events calendar info

The individual pages will comprise the larger Directory.  The intent for the Directory is to provide a centralized listing of musicians, so that it eliminates the need to remember where everyone is teaching or working, in order to find email addresses and phone numbers to contact them.  Musicians will be required to confirm or update their contact info on an annual basis, to ensure the usefulness of the Directory.

The MUSICIANS DIRECTORY also will serve to promote the online community of musicians.  It will be presented to local individuals and organizations who are looking to hire singers and instrumentalists.  Further, it will list businesses and service providers, as well as collaborative artists (dancers, actors, poets, film-makers, etc) to assist musicians in their day-to-day needs, and in their multi-dimensional projects.  

The MUSICIANS DIRECTORY is designed to be very affordable, with memberships starting at $5.99/month.  

For more information, click on the MUSICIANS DIRECTORY tab.

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