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Our Holocaust Remembrance Concerts are born out of our collective passion for issues that touch the heart and waken the soul.  Our desire is for audiences to come away from our programs with renewed awareness, commitment to compassion, and determination to extend healing to their corner of the world.

Holocaust program - SAMPLE Video (8 min)


ANAHATA Music Project Chamber Group

(from left to right) Dr. Kimberlee Goodman, flute; Ed Bak, piano; Susan Millard-Schwarz, vocalist; and Sandra Feen, dramatic reader



Comments from our audiences

  • "This was the best concert I've seen in 35 years!"
  • "This program was outstanding."
  • "I was stunned by the variety of your dynamic concert.  The narrations were simply but movingly presented.  I was afraid of an emotional presentation that would force me to leave early, crying.  The strength and power were there, but not manipulative."
  • "Truly a delightful balance of poetry, song and instruments - so important to be reminded of the Holocaust for the whole planet.  Do a series like this for schools to be invited to, and colleges!"
  • "Artists were very professional.  Learned about Jewish composers that [I] otherwise would not know."
  • "Lovely!  Singing and music were excellent.  Loved the information."